February 2nd, 2009

giveaway! win a copy of “artisan bread in 5 minutes a day!”


i have a small library of cookbooks around the apartment, but i find myself only using a select few. i don’t know about you, but what draws me to cookbooks are the pictures, so even the ones i don’t use very often usually have beautiful spreads of cakes or closeups of golden brown seared scallops. i’ve also got a predisposition for vintage food stuff, as my parent’s house is chock full of antique butcher shop signage (among other cool fixtures like barber chairs!).

so imagine my delight when i stumbled upon copies of the woman’s day encyclopdia of cookery (1966) and the pillsbury treasury of bake-off favorites (1969) at the book thing in baltimore. for anyone not in the know, the book thing is a big book warehouse where you can grab anything for free (no limit on quantity) and donate books you’ve finished for others to enjoy. it’s a free bookstore with a constantly rotating stock of old and new, and if the world was perfect, there would be a book thing in every city.

anyway, these cookbooks are a treasure trove of forgotten recipes, a slice of history from a time when anything could be made into a casserole, despite its biological origin. they’re also a odd collection of grotesque photographs. most of them i couldn’t identify without the captions. i’ve included 3 below. which brings me to…

the giveaway
all you have to do win is comment with what you think is in the pictures below. bam.

now, the rules:

  • to enter, comment below with your guess at what dish is featured in each picture.
  • PLEASE comment only once (or risk disqualification!!!)
  • winner will be chosen at random, so have fun with your guesses! funniest entries will get a shoutout when i announce the winner.
  • entries will be accepted until 11:50 pm EST, february 6. winner will be announced february 9, right here. we have a winner!

but wait, there’s more! if the winner already has a copy of artisan bread in 5 minutes a day (as many of us do), i’d be willing to send them a copy of another cookbook on their wishlist (of equal monetary value).

so let’s get on with it, shall we? i present to you, selections from the woman’s day encyclopdia of cookery and the pillsbury treasury of bake-off favorites:

dish #1:


dish #2:


dish #3:


so what’s in these pictures? comment below with your guesses. good luck!

93 Comments for giveaway! win a copy of “artisan bread in 5 minutes a day!” - why not leave some love?

  1. T says:

    #1: buttermilk biscuits and chili with beans, celery, and beef in tomato sauce

    #2: key-lime-coconut pie

    #3: hmm… chicken and sliced olives in jello?

  2. Marvin Warren says:

    #1: chile con bisci

    #2: key lime pie with so much flavor it *looks into your soul*

    #3: What is the devil’s favorite spanish dessert? Jell-O!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Picture #1: Chili with cornbread…ish biscuits
    Picture #2: Key lime pie seems like the most logical answer, but to be completely honest, it looks more like some kind of a guacamole pie.
    Picture #3: Chicken (?!) and broccoli (??!!)in Jell-O.

    My stomach is turning at the thought of that last one.

  4. Kathy Price says:

    1) Biscuit Bobbin’ Chili

    2) Ya put da (Key) Lime in da coconut and eat it all up pie.

    3) Oh No Jello Salad! No really, no jello please……what’s in that thing?!

  5. dafna says:

    1. chili with chili stuffed biscuits.
    2. guacamole pie.
    3. chicken and clam jello.

  6. Nikki Jean says:

    #1 I’d have to say some sort of chili with biscuits?
    #2 looks like a key lime pie
    #3 well. it looks like jello. & it seems to have shrimp & chicken in it? Though I really hope not.

  7. Joanne says:

    1. Chili con carne with “pop top” cheddar biscuits
    2. “lime fluff” pie (yes, it looks like globs of avocado on top!)
    3. sliced chicken and olives in two tier tomato aspic/vegetable jello mold (I don’t think I would want to eat this one!!!!)

  8. Debbie Green says:

    I think the dishes are:
    1. chili with biscuits
    2. key lime pie
    3. jello mold with chicken (yuk)

  9. Lisa K. says:

    1. Looks a lot like the “gruel” my boyfriend likes to make except his is never so artfully presented.

    2. This key lime pie looks like the Blob.

    3. Oh dear god, is that chicken in Jell-O?

  10. mary beth says:

    #3 – “June Bug Jello Delight” – Note the lovely pairs of june bugs surrounding this delight!

    #2 – “Grandma’s Guacamole Pie” – This is a savory pie with a cornmeal crust, should be served with salsa as a side banger and many margaritas!

    #1 – “Blow Your Biscuits Chili” – So hot it will blow your biscuits off! (also serve with many margaritas)!

    After enought of those margaritas you might just try the Jello!

  11. MaryAnne says:

    Ok, I USED to have, years ago, these cookbooks and want to win badly! So, I am taking a guess seeing as I don’t have these anymore…

    1-cowboy chili with stuffed biscuits — beans, green peppers, bbq sauce, onion…

    2-advocado pie — precooked pie shell, advocado, toasted coconut

    3-a tomato aspic–black olives, parsely or cilantro, cream

    I know I’m leaving out a ton of ingredients, but not sure if you wanted the ingredients listed or the name or similar, to the pic.

    good luck to everyone!!

  12. Krista says:

    Ha! Great contest!

    1.-some sort of chili with biscuits that are WAY overdone in the garnish department

    2-this looks like something avocado to me. Avocado pie? Ugh!

    3. Lovely aspic! Has chunks of unmentionable food in it. Wowzer. Who thought that was good enough to put in a cookbook?!

    Love your blog, keep up the great posts.

  13. Missy says:

    1. Looks like chili and biscuits.
    2. Avocado pie which made me just throw up in my mouth a little just to think about.
    3. I’m guessing an aspic with some sort of pate and olives in it. Oh god. Thank the heavens I did not grow up when this type of food was popular.

  14. Y says:

    What a great idea for a contest, and regarding those books, what a fine! I haven’t seen anything in aspic, in ages! I think the one I would least want to have to eat, would be the avocado pie, even though I love avocado!

  15. Emily says:

    1- Baked bean & Beef Chili with stuffed buttermilk biscuits
    2- Key Lime pie with almond crust (with real key limes!)
    3 – Tomato aspic with olives & chicken

    I just finished writing a paper on the advent of convenience food, so I had to sift through tons of images of disgusting foodstuff, but I think that chicken topped aspic takes the cake.

  16. Barbara says:

    #1 .. Chili with Puff Pastry Shells

    #2 .. Key Lime Pie with Toasted Coconut

    #3 .. Sliced Chicken and ripe olives in a tomato aspic jell-o mold

  17. Valerie says:

    Looks like Mary Beth hit it all three times.

    The Guacamole pie is wonderfull, pass the Tequila.
    Cowboy chili is better with a nice cold beer.
    Skip the jello.

  18. Judith says:

    Oh man, I’d love that book.

    #1: beans with biscuit boobs?
    #2: I think it’s avocado pie, which is… an interesting idea
    #3: oh God, it’s grandma’s jello moulds come back to haunt me.

  19. Grace says:

    oh lord, I’m glad we don’t eat like this anymore.

    1) Biscuit pasties chilling on a bed of mysteriously-hued chili
    2) Avocado pie with big balls of… avocado? And the almond garnish, of course.
    3)Mysterious cockroach-looking blobs suspended in jello.

  20. J says:

    1. Bountiful Bean Chili with Corn Puffins
    2. Key Lime Slime Pie
    3. Mystery Molded Jell-O from “Hell”-O (Meat?!?! OMG!)

  21. Helene says:

    1. Chili with exploding bisciuts
    2. Avocado cream pie
    3. Chicken aspic jello

  22. Leigh says:

    1 – bar-b que beans – topped with biscuits (canned)
    2 – key lime coconut pie
    3 – chicken and olives in tomato aspic (puke)

  23. Kaoru says:

    1- Chili with Biscuit Islands
    2- Guacamole pie? (The little balls look like Avocados shaped into their seeds..)
    3- Chicken and Olives in Jello

  24. Janie says:

    1-cowboy beans (chili) with cornmeal biscuits
    2- sure looks like avocado-might have been something that made in the 60’s
    3-one of those tomato aspic chicken salad molds I would never eat

    Love your site..Love your recipes…more young people need to cook!


  25. Michelle says:

    1. baked beans with 3d bullseye biscuits
    2. alien eyes melon scoop pie with sliced almonds
    3. tuna and mussles in jello mold… top to bottom jello flavors: garlic, ketchup, mustard

    Oh man those all look terrible!

  26. Jade says:

    1. Chili with corn meal biscuits (cut with a doughnut cutter).

    2. Avocado Cool Whip Cream pie

    3. Tomato Aspic with Chicken and Veggies – Aspic was considered the epitome of classic dining back in the day…it will never cross my lips.

  27. Jan says:

    This was clearly the 60s going with a circular decorative motif. Remember peace, love and joy?

    3. Representing PEACE: tomato aspic with cream of chicken layer on a bed of lettuce, proving that we can all live in peace no matter what we’re made of…especially if we’re able to overlook those sharp black things on the sides.

    2. Representing LOVE: Delightful satsuma pie; a citrisy blend of fresh juice with sections of fruit and almonds on top of a delicate layer of sour cream. Who doesn’t love citris?

    3. Representing JOY: An old stand-by favorite of chili beans and biscuits in a savory sauce. The joys of one-pot cooking.

    (Someone made these for dinner and actually expected you to eat them?!)

    Fun guessing,

  28. sara says:

    Heehee, those are fabulous pictures! My guesses:
    Biscuits over bean-and-ground-beef chili
    Jello lime pie with almonds and half-limes around the edges
    Tomato aspic with…anchovies? And some sort of cream layer on top. 🙂

  29. jamaica says:

    Easy Chili Biscuit Skillet,
    Key Lime Cottage Cheese Pie
    Savory Italian Jello (I think that is mozzarella, parsley and olives in a lovely tomato jello)

    Aren’t old cook books the best?!!!

  30. Kate says:

    1. Cowboy chili with whop biscuits

    2. Guacamole pie (complete with melon-balled avocado decoration!)

    3. Tomato aspic (Jello, given the times) with black olives, cilantro and canned chicken


  31. rachel says:

    I love the Book Thing!

    1. chili with biscuit hats
    2. pistachio-almond pie or key lime
    3. cherry jello with olive and mayo

  32. Barbara says:

    chili con carne with biscuits
    lime cheesecake pie

  33. Ellen says:

    i just helped my grandmother clean out her kitchen… it was an education!

    1. kidney beans with beefy leftovers, pillsbury biscuits, and a stick of margarine!

    2. festive key lime pie, garnished with almonds and a perfectly crimped crust to impress the new neighbors!

    3. tomato aspic with artichokes and waist, slimming, low calorie gelatin!

  34. barbara pierson says:

    The first looks like a chili bean and biscuit casserole, next key lime pie, and then some odd looking jello mold

  35. Nancy says:

    1. Chili and biscuits….
    2. Key Lime pie gone bad…that slice looks like it’s melting….
    3. Don’t Jello eat it…That looks horrible.

  36. 2hippos says:

    1) chili & cornbread biscuit-y thing
    2) some version of key lime pie
    3) jello w/fruit inside

  37. Kristen says:

    #1 Baked Bean Surprise and Itty Bitty Biscuit Baskets
    #2 Pistachio Puddin’ Pie topped with Unripe Kumquat Bottoms
    #3 Turkey, Olive and Broccoli Strawberry Jello Delight

  38. Dee Miller says:

    Picture Number 3 is an edible version of the Taj Mahal. Innumerable samples of vegan nutrition have been attempted to be artfully and simultaneously ensconced in a jello salad molded under heavy influence by the discotheque era.

  39. Nick says:

    1. Chili casserole with cornbread crust
    2. Some sort of lime pie, perhaps no-bake (except the crust, obviously)
    3. Aspic ring, but I have no idea what the various internal components are.

  40. Patti says:

    here goes nothing:

    1. Chili/cornbread skillet bake
    2. Avocado/Guacamole pie – all you need is some chips!
    3. Tomato Aspic with Vegetables – why…it’s just wrong.

  41. Sarah says:

    1. Baked Beans n’ Biscuits
    2. I want to say maybe quiche… but it would be just too cruel…
    3. Maybe a Nicoise jello salad??

  42. Dana says:

    1. A traditional breakfast of donuts and chili. This is a close relative of biscuits and gravy, but with a less common bread-and-meat combination.

    2. I’m pretty sure that pie is actually the thing that Calvin used to fight: http://hem.passagen.se/rust29/images/HOBBE/AN_FOOD.GIF

    3. Salsa anchovy jello mold. Mmm, tangy.

  43. ikkinlala says:

    1) Baked pork and beans topped with biscuits.

    2) Honeydew melon pie with almonds.

    3) Ham and olives in tomato jelly.

  44. June says:

    What, no cream of mushroom soup with Ritz crackers? Hmmmmmmm, okay, #3…Seafoam Melon Pie, melon balls and some sort of gelatin, maybe unflavored so you can add some green food coloring. Eggs, lime and sugar? Some nuts to top it off. Oh and 1 baked 9-inch pastry shell. Reminds me of 4H when we made candlestick salad…1 pineapple ring on top of cottage cheese with a half of a banana stuck in the pineapple ring hole and a cherry on top of the banana. Salad? Go figure.

  45. June says:

    OOps, got carried away with #3 which was actually #2
    #1 Pillsbury rolls on beans…how did we ever survive – no wonder my dad spent so much time in the bathroom after dinner.
    #3 Ick, tomato aspic…I can’t even look at the picture!

  46. Carolyn G says:

    #1: chili with cornbread
    #2: Key lime pie
    #3: Jello mold

    Thanks for the giveaway

  47. Clorinda Beitelspacher says:

    3. That all time favorite Lutheran Dish that people go crazy for at church socials – lemon or lime jello (after all who can tell the difference) and dates.
    2. An attempt at key lime pie with the lime part globs.
    1. Cheapskate picnic dish – beans and franks with left over biscuits.

  48. Stiffler says:

    1. bean chili with biscuit toppers
    2. please be key lime pie and not avocado as others think (avocado pie – ick)
    3. mystery jello mold. the kind of thing that would sit on a buffet table and go untouched. is it me or does one of those dark things in it look like a roach?

  49. Alex says:

    1. Chili Cornbread Nipple Surprise

    2. Key Lime/Pistachio/Baby Puke Pie with Sliced Almonds and Green Ping Pong Balls

    3. Chicken Cockroach Aspic!

  50. Caitlin H. says:

    1.Biscuit Chili
    2.Key Lime Pie with sliced almonds
    3. ohh wow… Jello with cockroaches and bananas. AKA the dish that goes untouched at parties?


  51. jacquie says:

    1) chili w/ poke-a-hole biscuits
    2) melon cream pie
    3) jello salad w/ chicken, brocolli and olives??

  52. Sarah L says:

    1. hamburger bean pot pie
    2. key lime pie
    3. scary jello bundt

  53. Ryan Y says:

    1) Exploding Biscuit Chili
    2) The Green Thing
    3) Archaeologist’s Mystery Jello

  54. Logan B says:

    1) Chili with hollowed-out biscuits for some reason
    2) Key Slime Pie 😉
    3) Chicken Breast and Black Olives Jello

  55. Christine says:

    1. Biscuit chili
    2. key Lime Pie
    3.Chicken jello salad

  56. Carol says:

    1. Turkey Chili
    2. Key Lime Pie
    3. Tomato Aspic

  57. Lauren says:

    How fun!

    OK, I think I know the first one because I grew up in Maine where this dish is popular- Bean Hole Beans, right?

    The second looks like key lime, except bumpy, so it either has coconut or cream or both – I’m going to go with Key Lime Cream Pie.

    The third one clearly has chicken and some kind of gelatinous stuff surrounding – is that broccoli in there? I’m guessing the name had to be something involving the words “cold chicken salad”.

  58. I’m Jeff Hertzberg, one of the co-authors of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Thanks for doing the giveaway! (Don’t enter me into it though).

    Jeff Hertzberg

    Chicago tribune video: http://us.macmillan.com/BookCustomPage.aspx?isbn=9780312362911&m_type=2&m_contentid=119255#video

  59. Natalie says:

    This looks like my mother-in-law’s cooking! Hilarious – okay, here goes:
    Dish #1: Floating island baked beans
    Dish #2: Avocado pie
    Dish #3: Salmon aspic

  60. Kelly says:

    1. Chili ala King
    2. Key Lime Pie
    3. Tomato Chicken Aspic with….olive….wedges.

    (At least I hope it’s olives because it very much looks like bugs.)

  61. jackie s says:

    I love interactive posts!

    1) Chili in the style of the Hawaiian islands
    2) Googly Eye Cream Pie
    3) This one is clearly an alien.

  62. Amy says:

    1. Cowboy Bean & Biscuit Bake
    2. Lime Chifffon Pie with Marzipan “limes” on top
    3. Chicken Salad Gelatin Mold

  63. 1. Chili and biscuits
    2. Lime pie
    3. Chicken Jello salad

  64. MaureenC says:

    1. B&B (chili and biscuit)
    2. Key Lime Pie
    3. Chicken Aspic Salad

  65. Kevin Sheys says:

    Item 1 – Chili & cornbread a la brioche. Mmmm …my mouth is watering.

    Item 2 – Key Lime Pie almondine.

    Item 3 – Jello from Hell – What are the dark red things? Looks truly sick.

    Andpeople wonder why Hamberger Helper was so popular!

  66. Alex D says:

    #1 Whack-a-mole, Beef & bean chili with the world’s saddest pieces of celery.

    #2 Pistachio almond cream pie with marzipan lizard eggs.

    #3 A cousin of that fanged worm creature from King Kong: http://www.moviedeaths.com/king_kong/lumpy/

  67. Chris says:

    1) Chili and biscuits
    2) Ectoplasm Key lime pie
    3) Jello flying saucer with frosting

  68. bto says:

    pete! i really like old cookbooks too, i get mine here in ann arbor at the local kiwanis shop. i recently picked up a ladies home journal cookbook, first edition from 1960 and a general foods kitchens coobook, first edition from 1959. the pictures are precious.

    however, my absolute favorite is the new york times cookbook by craig claibourne that helena picked up for me a few years back… it’s old but the recipes in there are really up-to-date and chefs like ina garten use it as inspiration, with most of the ingredients/techniques still pretty contemporary.

  69. Marissa says:

    I too am a fan of cookbooks!
    Wow, those are some interesting pictures. Okay, so let’s see…
    1-Chili and biscuits
    2-I’ll say Pistachio Pie– to be different
    3-Boy, um, layered olive jello

  70. Walrus says:

    1. Belly Button Biscuits and Beans
    2. Holey Guacamole Key Lime Pietastic
    3. A terrible accident of grand proportions.

  71. dawn says:

    LOL! Ok you are funny. God those photos remind me of my childhood soooo friggin much!
    Here goes! LOL! I can’ stop laughing!

    1. chili and those canned Pillsbury biscuits (sorry don’t know the name)
    2. jello pudding lime pie! LOL
    3. are there feathers in that protein jello mold? holy cow! No, an American version of aspic!

  72. Judith V says:

    Chile and bisquits
    Key line pie
    the dreaded jello salad

  73. Leila says:

    1. Chili with “cornbread” biscuits.

    2. Ugh. Green fluff? Avocado almond pie?

    3. Chicken and olives in aspic. Looks vile.

    The Woman’s Day cookbooks? My mother had them. She got rid of them. My sister was horrified, so my mom found a set on eBay and bought it for her Christmas two years ago. Sis is thrilled. Bro and I are appalled!

  74. Catherine O. says:

    1-Chili with pop-eye biscuits

    2-avacado pie (although it looks like a split pea pie, ick!)

    3-jello with suspended fruit from a can

    I don’t even want to know what’s in that jello… black things?! maybe they’re sweetbreads…

  75. Heather says:

    chilli bake with [cornbread] biscuits
    key lime pie
    aspic with chicken, parsley and dates/olives? [eew]

    aren’t you glad we’re past all that?!!



  76. Andrea says:

    1. beans ‘n biscuits
    2. key lime pie
    3. jello mold with grubs and banana slugs

  77. I would have to say
    #1 – chili con carne with cornmeal biscuits or dumplings
    #2 – either a key lime or a guacamole pie
    #3 – jello salad

  78. Hilary says:

    1. chili with biscuits
    2. key lime pie-ish
    3. aspic…probably touted as an easy or extra good version…there is no such thing. but then again there is the picture, and that is living proof against my theory?

    thanks for the fun giveaway!

  79. suzanne says:

    Just stumbled upon this site and LOVE it.
    My guesses are:
    1)texican chili in a hole-ish thing
    2)key lime pie
    3)Nicoise aspic/jello salad.

    Now, I’m going to look at everyone else’s answers…
    Can’t wait to read more.

  80. Sonya says:

    Ohmigosh……my stomach hurts even looking at them (the laughing might have something to do with it too!)…..though you have to wonder- did these dishes look this spectacularly bad in real life?

    OK, here go my guesses:
    #1 is a mexican chili pie…..chili seasoned with 1/4 teaspoon on paprika (’cause you don’t want to go crazy with the spices!) and canned biscuits (with the artfully cut-out center)

    #2 is a key lime pie that sat out on the table too long. Makes you remember that food styling actually involved real food once upon a time.

    #3 is spectacular- gotta say it’s a savory gelatin salad. I bet the bottom layer is an avocado mousse…..a set tomato layer on top…..and you can clearly see hand-shredded chicken chunks, parsley springs and black olives in the mix. That is fascinating- the more you look at it, the more you discover congealed in the mix…..

  81. Rachel says:

    What a fun contest! I’m glad people aren’t as “creative” with jello as they used to be . . .

    1. Chili with cornbread biscuits
    2. Key-lime pie
    3. Chicken Salad Jello

    I hope I win!

  82. Wendi says:

    Wow! What a great contest!
    #1: Chili with very fashionable cornbread hats.
    #2: Key lime pie
    #3: Very scary mystery jell-o

  83. Kim says:

    Ooooh…I’ve been wanting that book for so long but haven’t had the money. What a nice contest!
    1) Chili casserole with biscuits on top
    2) Key lime pie
    3) some sort of tomato aspic? I know that was very popular back then, but it looks like it’s got chicken pieces or something.

    Love the blog!

  84. mary says:

    I love old cookbooks for this very reason.

    1. biscuits and baked beans
    2. key lime crap pie
    3. jello mold with with a UO

  85. lauren says:

    I wish we had a book thingy here-i can never pass up a cookbook!
    1. chili topped with chili-corn muffins
    2. key lime/moousse pie
    3. aspic with what looks like chicken slices and mussels- YIKES!

  86. zio says:

    1. chili and biscuits
    2. avocado cream pie
    3. turkey jello

    fingers crossed…

  87. Mary says:

    #1 – Chili faux biscuit paradise – the earliest known semi-homemade convenience meal – pillsbury biscuits and a can of Nalley’s chili
    #2 – Could be faux key lime pie – jello instant pudding in a ready-made pie crust
    #3 – Faux giant shrimp cocktail – jello (of course) aspic crown mold with greens and other stuff

  88. claire says:

    1- ‘biscuits and beans’- unfortunate casserole dinner for family of five
    2- key lime jello pie with almond slivers adding a hint of sophistication
    3- jello bundt aspic with suspended chicken breast and suspicious black cockroach-esque floaters

  89. LickyLicky says:

    1. Flatulence Casserole
    2. Key Lime Why
    3. Chicken Ass-pick Mold.

    Wow. I think some of the old cookbooks foretold the downfall of Western Civilization. I used to have a bunch of old cookbooks; now I just have a few old dessert books I’ve picked up from thrift stores and yard sales. Speaking of bread cookbooks, I’d recommend Focaccia by Carol Field. It has a range of focaccia recipes, from sweet to savory, all wonderful.

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