March 3rd, 2009

scenes from my kitchen

pete's kitchen

i spend a lot of time in the kitchen. in my old apartment, my kitchen was also the living room and bedroom, but in my current place, my favorite room has tons of cabinets and counter space. i thought i’d show you a few of my favorite things in my favorite room.

pete's kitchen

pete's kitchen

i think i only bought two or three of these gadgets. somehow i just keep acquiring stuff.

pete's kitchen

pete's kitchen

this painting is above my oven. if they could miniaturize bears, i would get one as a pet.

pete's kitchen

i’m convinced there are no practical ways to store bowls, pots and pans.

pete's kitchen

there happened to be a nail here already, so it was the perfect spot for my peel.

pete's kitchen

this coffee maker belonged to my grandmother. my parents donated it to me recently, but i realized after i got home that it’s missing a pretty important part. i ended up buying a new mr. coffee (not pictured, but sitting just across the table). i still don’t want to get rid of this one.

pete's kitchen

i know, it’s beautiful. this pig napkin holder (just so you know what it’s supposed to be) was made during cub scout summer camp when i was in third grade. my mom actually used it for many years until i went off to college, when it first graced my kitchen.

pete's kitchen

were you lucky enough to have mr. t cereal when it was around? i wasn’t, but i’m such a huge fan of the guy (as well as the rest of the a-team), that i had to put him up on my wall to remind me to stay in school, drink my milk and be good to my mother.

pete's kitchen

i love the design of this timer. the girl picked it up for me at anthropologie.

pete's kitchen

so, i have two mixers. lest you think i’m just swimming in extravagence, let me explain. the sumbeam mixer (the black one) was a christmas gift from my parents. i won the kitchen aid in a valentine’s day giveaway (i had the choice of red or pink) – on! i still can’t believe i actually won. i’ve used both and the jury is still out on which i like better.

now that you’ve seen mine, show me your kitchen! i want to know all about where you cook and bake. post pictures on your blog and comment here with the link!

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  1. mary says:

    I can’t believe you won a mixer from pioneer woman. I enter those contests all the time. Pretty good odds.

  2. nat says:

    have you considered pegboard? you could paint it any color you want to match your decor. if it’s good enough for julia child, it’s good enough for anyone!

  3. Johanna says:

    WTH you won a mixer from pioneer woman? Lol, I’m so freakin’ jealous dude! Man, Mr. T cereal..I wasn’t around for it either, and i feel your pain for that. I do also agree that bowls and pots and pans will always end up looking like that in my kitchens.

  4. mary beth says:


    You are sooooo sweet! Love your kitchen/stuff and your mind!

    Happy Sunny Wednesday,
    (even though it’s 9′ outside/and feels like 1′ here in RI)
    Mary Beth

  5. Jen M. says:

    OK, I think the pig napkin holder took the cake for me. I remember setting the table each night with napkins from that little piggie. Mom would be proud to see it’s on the website. Great colors in your kitchen!

  6. Y says:

    I must admit, I love taking a peek into other people’s kitchens, but have never shown my own. Mostly because it’s not terribly interesting! I love your pig napkin holder! And of course, am a huge fan of the A Team.. I had no idea Mr. T had his own cereal 🙂

  7. Dad says:

    I pity the fool who doesn’t bake! Shades of home, son.

  8. micah says:

    Pete, you can make your mixer whatever color you want man. Check out how I fixed my pink mixer!

    I agree, the kitchen is a great place to spend some time. I’ve just moved and am having a hard time in the GF’s kitchen!

  9. Nick says:

    Two mixers! And here I am… fellow food blogger… mixerless. 😉

    That timer is awesome actually. I’m gonna look that up. I have a crappy digital one that doesn’t do much for the “atmosphere”.

    Also, our drawers and storage look almost identical.

  10. jamaica says:

    Boy, I need one of them fancy pizza peels myself. Trying to make bread(with the 5 min a day approach)is pretty ridiculous without one let me tell you.

  11. holly says:

    pete, this made me adore you even more. that pig napkin holder, TOO CUTE!!

  12. Sil BsAs says:

    I actually love the pig’s MOUTH… =)
    Nice post, nice blog!

  13. Kristen says:

    Great kitchen – I love your timer. And hey, I didn’t get a mixer (different contest), but I too won one of Pioneer Woman’s giveaways. She’s so freaking awesome, isn’t she? 🙂

  14. Priscilla says:

    i remember that pig holder!

  15. siri says:

    So I just discovered you today, but I feel compelled to write a message of adoration. I like everything about your site- the photos, the humor, the choice of recipes, the fact that you’re a 24 year old male who bakes Princess cakes in his free time, and your homemade pig napkin holder. Consider yourself added to my links. Keep up the good work!

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