June 3rd, 2009

the washingtonian cheap eats 2009 map

it’s that time of year again! washingtonian magazine has released its top cheap eats for washington dc (many of which are actually in va and md. hmmmm…). the girl and i don’t typically hit up a lot of the big name restaurants around here, but we’re always looking for a good bargain. to help us on our quest for a quality cheap meal, she created this map so we could work our way down the list. feel free to use it yourself and tell your friends!

View Washingtonian Cheap Eats 2009 in a larger map

for reference, the green tabs are places we’ve been and liked, the yellow are places we’ve been and would maybe give another shot, and the red tabs are places we hated. the blue tabs are all the places we haven’t been. i know, i know, we never go out.

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  1. Shannalee says:

    OK, I clicked around through the map and then went to the WM site for more info, and guess what? I thought we ate at a lot of great places in D.C., but none of ours made the list. Big bummer and yet another example of the great food you all have!

  2. Jen B. says:

    My biggest guilty pleasure is going places I’ve never been before and Yelping about them. Yelp.com is like that, but you can read first hand reviews about everything. I adore it, and generally don’t go someplace new unless theres a few good things said.

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