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ice cream sandwiches

so remember the cinnamon ice cream [1] from last week? it was so good i had to make a bit more this past weekend. except instead of celebrating the strangely fall weather we had, this time we celebrated the downright summerish weather that graced dc on saturday and sunday.  it was so nice the girl and i had a bbq, and the first grilling day of the year was a delicious success topped off by these amazing ice cream sandwiches shared with good friends (and also some good cold beer).

the girl took this picture while she was out on saturday. it really is blowing our minds that it’s suddenly spring, especially after all of the endless snowfall that’s thankfully finally melted. we’re looking forward to getting back to the farmer’s market and doing a lot more relaxing on the front porch – you know, the important things in life.

when i was in high school, i really really loved chipwiches [2]. i mean, ate one at least once a week, all year round, loved chipwiches. while these aren’t quite the same – they’re actually better (if you can believe it). i wish i could go back in time to tell 16 year old me that in the future, i could make my own chipwiches whenever i wanted. just to see my own reaction.

ice cream sandwiches
makes 10-12 sandwiches.

1 batch chocolate chip cookies (tollhouse version) [3]
1 1/2 qt cinnamon ice cream [1]

1. bake the chocolate chip cookies in the above recipe – i prefer mini chocolate chips as opposed to the full-size morsels. use about 2 Tbsp batter per cookie and leave a generous amount of space between each on the baking sheet when you put them in the oven.

2. fill cookie sandwiches with cinnamon ice cream from the recipe linked above. serve immediately and eat even more immediately! i suppose you could wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them for later, but why wait?