February 9th, 2009

and the winner is…

wow! you guys blew me away with your entries! a ton of you commented, but there can be only one winner, and using a random number generator, that winner was chosen. congratulations…


i’ll be emailing you today so you can get your hands on a brand new cookbook. on top of winning, jan left one of my favorite comments:

“This was clearly the 60s going with a circular decorative motif. Remember peace, love and joy?

3. Representing PEACE: tomato aspic with cream of chicken layer on a bed of lettuce, proving that we can all live in peace no matter what we’re made of…especially if we’re able to overlook those sharp black things on the sides.

2. Representing LOVE: Delightful satsuma pie; a citrisy blend of fresh juice with sections of fruit and almonds on top of a delicate layer of sour cream. Who doesn’t love citris?

3. Representing JOY: An old stand-by favorite of chili beans and biscuits in a savory sauce. The joys of one-pot cooking.”

by the way, you can read jan’s cooking exploits at http://www.atinylittleripple.blogspot.com.

so what were those mystery dishes? find out (and get the recipes!) below:

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February 2nd, 2009

giveaway! win a copy of “artisan bread in 5 minutes a day!”


i have a small library of cookbooks around the apartment, but i find myself only using a select few. i don’t know about you, but what draws me to cookbooks are the pictures, so even the ones i don’t use very often usually have beautiful spreads of cakes or closeups of golden brown seared scallops. i’ve also got a predisposition for vintage food stuff, as my parent’s house is chock full of antique butcher shop signage (among other cool fixtures like barber chairs!).

so imagine my delight when i stumbled upon copies of the woman’s day encyclopdia of cookery (1966) and the pillsbury treasury of bake-off favorites (1969) at the book thing in baltimore. for anyone not in the know, the book thing is a big book warehouse where you can grab anything for free (no limit on quantity) and donate books you’ve finished for others to enjoy. it’s a free bookstore with a constantly rotating stock of old and new, and if the world was perfect, there would be a book thing in every city.

anyway, these cookbooks are a treasure trove of forgotten recipes, a slice of history from a time when anything could be made into a casserole, despite its biological origin. they’re also a odd collection of grotesque photographs. most of them i couldn’t identify without the captions. i’ve included 3 below. which brings me to…

the giveaway
all you have to do win is comment with what you think is in the pictures below. bam.

now, the rules:

  • to enter, comment below with your guess at what dish is featured in each picture.
  • PLEASE comment only once (or risk disqualification!!!)
  • winner will be chosen at random, so have fun with your guesses! funniest entries will get a shoutout when i announce the winner.
  • entries will be accepted until 11:50 pm EST, february 6. winner will be announced february 9, right here. we have a winner!

but wait, there’s more! if the winner already has a copy of artisan bread in 5 minutes a day (as many of us do), i’d be willing to send them a copy of another cookbook on their wishlist (of equal monetary value).

so let’s get on with it, shall we? i present to you, selections from the woman’s day encyclopdia of cookery and the pillsbury treasury of bake-off favorites:

continue reading and get the recipe »

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