June 3rd, 2009

the washingtonian cheap eats 2009 map

it’s that time of year again! washingtonian magazine has released its top cheap eats for washington dc (many of which are actually in va and md. hmmmm…). the girl and i don’t typically hit up a lot of the big name restaurants around here, but we’re always looking for a good bargain. to help us on our quest for a quality cheap meal, she created this map so we could work our way down the list. feel free to use it yourself and tell your friends!

View Washingtonian Cheap Eats 2009 in a larger map

for reference, the green tabs are places we’ve been and liked, the yellow are places we’ve been and would maybe give another shot, and the red tabs are places we hated. the blue tabs are all the places we haven’t been. i know, i know, we never go out.

April 24th, 2009

thank you for voting!

Foodie Fight 1!

thanks to everyone who voted for me in the first Foodie Fight! i was up against some tough competition, but thanks to you all i was able to pull out a win!

it was a great experience and really fun to push myself in new way. if you might be interested, SIGN UP for another battle!

also, please please please check out the other blogs who competed in the first battle:






and big thanks to nick and dan for organizing foodie fights in the first place!

April 2nd, 2009

these are a few of my favorite blogs

food blog

it goes without saying that i follow a lot of food blogs. i’ve only been at this myself for a little shy of a year, but first obsessing over the recipes and experiences of other bloggers is what inspired me to share my own baking adventures. although i’ve got a whole list of my favorites on the sidebar (on the right, scroll down), i wanted to give a little shout out to a few i’ve been particularly fond of lately:

nick is a workhorse. one of his resolutions for 2009 is to hit 300 posts – a tall order for any blogger. he’s on track to exceed his goal, and here’s the thing – he makes it look easy. nick takes the time to do his research, snap great pictures and make every post practical and thoughtful. he deserves all the success he’s destined to receive.

food loves writing
there are some blogs you breeze through to check for new stuff, and then there are the ones you set aside to savor at the end of the day. start savoring this one today.

the bitten word
clay and zach are addicted to food magazines. luckily, they put their stacks of gourmet, food & wine and bon appetit to good use by letting us in on the very best recipes they discover. honest about their successes and failures, the bitten word is a reliable companion for anyone looking for consistently delicious meals. i’ve probably cooked more from this blog than any other.

last night’s dinner
i’m completely jealous of how well jennifer and her husband eat. it’s inspiring to see picture after picture of local, seasonal food become incredibly creative and decadent meals. i dream of cooking like this one day. and even though there are no recipes, no other blog has made me want to get in the kitchen so much.

wild yeast blog
susan has only been baking bread since 2006, but from the looks of her blog, you would think she’s been at it her whole life. she’s passionate about bread – so passionate she built her own earth oven! you can feel the love in every loaf she bakes, which, by the way, look good enough to eat off the screen. with equal parts humor and humility, susan’s posts strike the perfect balance between helping readers understand the mechanics of baking and showing what it means to truly love to bake.

now it’s your turn. what are your favorite food blogs right now? let me know in the comments!

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